Construction Techniques

Our tree stands, tree houses and observation decks are constructed with heavy 6×6 or 6×8 timbers and are installed on concrete footings, while the main support posts are treated lumber.

Horizontal and lateral bracing is utilized to secure the structure and angle bracing is used between main framing timbers for added strength. Numerous metal gusset plates are added to the entire structure for stabilization; these plates are powder coated and all other fasteners used are galvanized or painted.

The flooring for the platform is typically treated lumber and the railings are wood top and bottom rails with round metal balusters.

We make it easy for you to assemble your purchase; all products are pre-cut, numbered and ready to be put together by following our step by step instruction. Or if you’re not the handyman type, we can offer our installation services; give us a call at 800-284-6520 or email us at